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Started by Link-NM, Apr 23, 2022, 08:02 PM

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Welcome to the new N Masters Forum designed for our version 5!

Please remember to read the rules before anything else. If you've already participated in our Guilded server or our streams, then you pretty much know the basics already.

As you may have seen, the number of boards has been greatly reduced compared to our last forum. This is to give it a more focused approach in the conversations that will happen here considering there's now also our Guilded server. Talking about that, let's also clear up why there's a forum and Guilded server, because some may think it's a bit redundant.

The Guilded server is your access to live chat with other members of the community. While there's a thread system in there, it's still not as clean or good as threads in a proper discussion forum. And the Forum Channels are good but again, not as good as a proper forum software hosted on our main website.

In other words, our Guilded server is more of a chat and the current discussion may change from time to time. Yesterday, in General Gaming section, we may have been talking about free XCom 2 on Epic Games. But today, maybe we are talking about Rocket League's newest game mode.

A forum, though, gives the chance for each topic to shine by themselves. That's why there's also a Gaming News board where you will be able to see conversations going on for different news at the same time. On a chat server like our Guilded, news may be shared but left behind after several people talk about it or another news post comes along.

At the end, as you can see, they complement each other.

Finally, if you see any issue with the forum, please let me know at the Feedback board. AFAIK, everything is configured properly already. Only a few cosmetic things will be worked on in the upcoming days.

For now, please enjoy your stay and again, welcome to the new forum. :)
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